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I am a maker currently based in New York City.   I have been making planes in the boat builder's tradition since I learned how while attending the International Yacht Restoration School in 2006.  For 10 years after that I made many planes for myself, coworkers and clients while working as a professional shipwright.  I now teach wooden boat building full time as part of an after-school program in the Bronx and have continued to refine my craft, expanding into making knives and plane irons with some of the finest steels available.


My planes are influenced by the long tradition of shipwrights making their own planes for the specialized work we do.  Historically utilizing hard-wearing exotic hardwoods that came off ships from around the world, as well as design and features (like narrower irons, shaped soles and razee totes) that suited them to the long hours of hard work that the craft requires.  I add my own experience in design to try and create tools that are not only highly functional, but beautiful and truly unique.

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Have an upcoming project or specific design requirement? I'd love to collaborate with you to make exactly what you need! 

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